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I started in marketing and promotions in 1998 with my first company, Lick It Promotions. I did booking and          management for bands which turned into producing and promoting live music events and tour management.    With that came creating and marketing merchandise for the bands and handling sales of said merch. I                  created flyers, handbills, business cards, and whatever else the band or shows needed for marketing and            promotions. 


I also have a strong background in the service industry, mostly bartending, and would apply my marketing          skills to this career as well. I would work with alcohol distributers to create marketing materials for promotions    and events the establishment would have.


When social media started, it was a natural transition for me to start adding those platforms to market and          promote what I was already doing. One thing that bugged me though was how people stopped networking      in person once social media started. I feel both are equally important so I prefer to use the two in tandem.

I did do marketing for corporate business for a short time but found

it distasteful and unethical. That is just not how I want to do business.

The manipulation and pushy sales approach does not appeal to me.

As my desire to be out working live music events slowed, I started

focusing on digital marketing, event planning, fundraising, and

development for non-profits, social justice, and small business.

This is when I created Catnip Social Media & Marketing. 


                                                                                           ~ Jenna Meow

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